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Final Voting - Vote Now

Shortlist of names

Final Voting - Completed

After receiving hundreds of nominations, the Naming Committee has selected for the final vote
the best names that relate to the history and culture of our country.

A final voting round was conducted between 9-13 November 2019 with thousands of votes received.
Voting was completed at midnight of 13th Nov 2019.

Final results were announced on 15th Dec 2019
Our Exoworlds

Our Star and Exoplanet

Cyprus was Assigned the following Planetary System

Star HD 168746

The Star: Alasia

Star Identification: HD 168746

Constellation: Serpens
Star Type: Yellow Dwarf

ExoPlanet HD 168746 b

The Exoplanet: Onasilos

Planet Identification: HD 168746 b

Estimated Size: 0.993 x the radius of Jupiter
Planet Type: Gas Giant

ExoWorld Naming Process

  • 01


    Press Conference on 29 Aug 2019

  • 02


    Nominating and voting through Sep - Oct 2019

  • 03


    The shortlist will be announced in November 2019

  • 04

    Final Selection

    The final selection will take place in November 2019

  • 05

    Name Announcement

    The selected name will be officially announced in December 2019

The International Astronomical Union

ExoWorld Naming Rules

Please follow the link below to read the naming rules that apply for this IAU100 NameExoWorlds project

IAU Naming Rules
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